Employee Disability

Career Development and On-Boarding Program

This unique Bravo Consulting Disability Services program assists people with disabilities – ensuring you gain the confidence and skills to identify your personal career aspirations, as well as better represent your specific workplace needs.

We understand that the combination of constant motivation and skills will help candidates with disabilities gain a competitive edge in the job market. Plus, we can help you find highly sought after careers and greater opportunities where you can showcase your skill set and contribute to the growth of the organization.

There are excellent career opportunities available for the disabled, and we aim to give you the optimum career advice and support so that you can get started with your new career in no time at all.

Our Bravo career advisors work with you to:

  • Improve your confidence. Looking for work is merely the first step – enjoying it, as part of your ongoing professional future is critical to your long-term happiness and success
  • Create a professional development plan to help you recognise and nurture career pathways that leverage off what you are able and motivated to do
  • Develop greater self-advocacy and communication skills that give you the confidence and knowledge to handle difficult situations
  • Assist others in gaining a better understanding of the challenges you face
  • Understand the full breadth of available funded programs and networks that provide ongoing assistance and integrated support


Disability Ready Program

Bravo’s Disability Ready Program is a genuinely unique, progressive development in the contemporary workplace.

The Disability Ready Program offers an audit service, which provides in-depth analysis of Policy, Process and Procedures in the workplace for including and managing employees with disabilities. The Disability Ready Program is proactive in changing the perception of how people with disabilities are treated within their professional environment.

The Program and its benefits?

The program aims to encourage the creation of more career opportunities for the disabled. Through the constant innovation that we apply at Bravo, our goal is to battle preconceived notions about disability, and to educate employers that high motivated people with disabilities are key contributors to any organisations growth.

Our vision is that one day, all employees are considered in terms of their abilities – allowing greater deployment of the skills and talents on offer.

At Bravo, we work with employers to:

  • Bridge the gap and develop more inclusive work practices
  • Help establish, strengthen and maintain your professional profile
  • Identify the full breadth of available funding, support and information options and resources – assisting you to implement well-researched workplace changes and improvements
  • Become more competitive in employee hiring and engagement for all
  • Improve employee performance through the benefits of a genuinely inclusive and professional engagement process

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